Market to Get Found

By Patrick Nycz


The choice is made for some people.
They will be the hardest to reach and convert.

The world is full of business people making choices this week.

They choose, among many things, whom to work with and what service or product to buy. They each have their own set of rules for the choices they make.

I am sure for the majority of these people that decision has already been made. They will go with the choice that represents the easy answer—the same choice they always go with—and buy the product or service from the business they have a relationship with…because they know the pricing, the process and the product or service suits their needs.


But not all of the people making choices this week are set on whom they will choose to do business with. For whatever reason, they are not going to go with their usual, easy choice. They are going to look around. Shop. Ask some questions. Look for a better solution.

I think about these people a lot.

I think about these people a lot because part of my job is to make sure idc clients are in the position to be found, heard and considered when people are looking around, shopping and asking questions to find a better solution.

I typically hear the same thing when I talk with a business stakeholder who is looking to Befound-2hire a marketing firm. They tell me that 90% of the time they can close the deal if their sales team can have a conversation with a potential customer. This is not surprising. I talk to a lot of successful people who head up strong, competitive companies. The usual problem I hear from them—and why they are talking to marketing firms like idc—is that they need to talk to more people. A lot of the time it’s because they want to grow their business. Sometimes it’s because they want to attract a new type of customer or they want to break into new markets.

So while I do want to get the whole market calling my client, I know the start of the process is to differentiate the product or service offering from the competition, develop the brand voice, and most importantly, know the mindset and needs of the people who are potential customers of idc clients.  What are their questions? What do they care about?

The big picture

With that homework done, it’s time to get their marketing up and running so idc clients are easily found by the people who are shopping around for a better solution. My job is to get these people in a conversation with the idc client’s sales team. 

Next up? Develop strategies designed to disrupt the normal buying patterns of people not usually looking for a change, introduce the idc client and invite them to reconsider the easy answer. 


About the Author: Patrick Nycz is the President at idc, an integrated strategic marketing firm. He is currently growing idc client’s businesses. He spends his days, among other things, as a business owner, marketing strategist, account exec, cheerleader, salesman and excitable creative. Get connected to Patrick at LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter @PatrickNycz or email him at Also “like” idc on Facebook!
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