In the Business of Growing Your Business

By Patrick Nycz

I was on the phone a few weeks ago with an idc client. His business has grown 30% in the last year with no signs of slowing. We were talking about new markets, opportunities, and marketing strategies. With a laugh he said this:

“I have no idea what you guys do.”

Good marketing support lets you focus on your business.

Good marketing support lets you focus on your business.

I hear statements like this once in a while. I have come to believe it stems from the reality that if you own a company, you are totally focused on running it…from sales to production and fulfillment, to customer service and capacity and/or distribution. Growing and maintaining your business is your primary concern on behalf of your stakeholders, employees and strategic partners. What we do—as in how we help with your goals—has been spelled out in idc blog posts for over 3 years. Most recently in Marketing for the Future, Market to be Found, and Shooting from Downtown: 3 Pointers to Build Brand Momentum. But in short…

Good marketing supports business growth.

Just like you, I am focused on growing my business and dealing with the same concerns you have: sales, production, customer service, etc. But, there is one big difference:

If your business does not grow, mine cannot either.

Idc held a 40-year celebration last year and Tony Roswarski, Mayor of Lafayette, Indiana where my firm is based, had a nice way of saying it: “Forty years as a downtown Lafayette business is impressive. It’s important to recognize idc’s contribution to the local economy over that time…

…not just as a business, but as a service to help grow other businesses.”

fotolia_13142895_xs-resized-600This means when I spend time thinking about my business, the idc marketing team is thinking about growing your business. In the best of circumstances, my team is dialed into—and often invited in to help formulate—the strategic goals of the stakeholders of the company.

Something must be working. For over four decades, idc has maintained a client roster made up of companies that have benefited from idc marketing support.

Back to the original statement: “I don’t know what you guys do.” I’m ok with the idea that the people that make that statement are extremely talented and so focused on their business that they may not have a handle on the actual nuts and bolts of how a marketing firm works.  That’s my job. They should stay focused on growing their business…because I am, too.


About the Author: Patrick Nycz is the President and owner of idc, an integrated strategic marketing firm. He is currently working to grow idc client’s business. He spends his days, among other things, as a business owner, marketing strategist, account exec, cheerleader, salesman and excitable creative. Get connected to Patrick at LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter @PatrickNycz or email him at Also “like” idc on Facebook!
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