about idc

idc: Strategic Marketing
to Grow Your Business

What do we do?
We plan to succeed.

Get this. We think. . . . No, really.
Writing this website, we tried to slice “what we do” a number of
different ways and it always took the same shape.

What we do—as in, what we get paid for—is the strategic thinking to develop
and execute integrated marketing plans that launch and build brands.

Beyond that, the answer depends entirely on you and your company.

How do we think?
Brand is boss.

Yes, sometimes we even have to slap our own hands.
The chance to unleash our creative energy is tempting.

But we remind our clients, creativity for the sake of being creative is not
the end game. And the latest marketing trend is not some boat you’re missing.

All of it—genius in design, in media, in message—should hold to one critical
discipline. It should be about your brand, and what makes sense within a
strategic, integrated marketing plan to build it.

Why call us?
Grow your business

Look at it this way.
No one buys a hammer. They buy a picture hung on the wall.

On the surface, you might be shopping for marketing or design services.
But what are you buying? You’re buying increased sales and profits
You’re buying the ability to control margins, penetrate new markets,
take a bigger piece of the pie…

If you’d like a partner who sees your obvious goal, connect with us.
And let’s start building your brand.

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